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    Research re(casted): S1E5 - A Conversation with Leigh Rivenbark and Dawn Sadoway
    (2021-10) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan; Rivenbark, Leigh; Sadoway, Dawn
    Today we learn all about building the roof before the storm happens, the importance of trust, and how your cell phone is likely giving you more grief than relief. Two faculty members from MacEwan’s Music Theatre Performance Program join us to talk about resilience and caring for ourselves and others. Coordinator Dawn Sadoway is a professional singer, actor, and voice teacher, and professor Leigh Rivenbark is a professional film and theatre director and former Artistic Producer of Theatre New Brunswick. They recently presented their research on resilience building in theatre at the peer-reviewed Voice and Speech Trainers Association’s international conference in August, 2021, and they have already seen promising results in instituting resilience-building techniques into their programming here at MacEwan. If you’re interested in learning more about resilience and resilience building, Leigh and Dawn would be happy to send you all those long lists we talked about, so feel free to send them an email!
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    Research re(casted): S1E4 - A Conversation with Dr. Emily Milne
    (2021-09) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan
    Today we learn about a more personal approach to focus groups, the importance of listening, and working with community partners to make sure that research benefits those participating. Joining us is Dr. Emily Milne, an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at MacEwan University. She is an applied sociologist and a community-engaged researcher. We talk about her ongoing project with Ben Calf Robe School, giving kids cameras to capture their experiences as the school prepares to move into a new building. We also talk about Emily’s recent project with Edmonton Public Schools and some of the most promising practices to emerge from the exploration of the perspectives of Indigenous students and their families when it comes to Indigenous parent involvement in the education process. If you would like to follow up on any of this information or get your hand on a copy of the reports mentioned in this episode, Dr. Emily Milne welcomes you to email her at
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    Research re(casted): S1E3 - A conversation with Dr. Trevor Hamilton
    (2021-09) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan; Hamilton, Trevor
    Today we go under the sea and get a crash course in Zebrafish with Dr. Trevor Hamilton, a neuroscientist and psychologist at MacEwan University. With a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McGill University, Trevor has a broad body of research involving Zebrafish, and how different substances and pharmacological compounds, like LSD or alcohol, modifies their behaviour. A visiting scholar from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of San Diego, Dr. Hamilton has also been studying the effects of increasing acidification of the oceans on fish behaviour.
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    Research re(casted): S1E2 - A conversation with Dr. Isabelle Sperano and Robert Andruchow
    (2021-09) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan; Sperano, Isabelle; Andruchow, Robert
    Today we learn about a video game that predicted COVID-19, how acting techniques can build a better digital experience, and how empathy is everything when it comes to design. Joining us in the studio are Dr. Isabelle Sperano, an Assistant professor of Digital Experience Design at MacEwan University, and Robert Andruchow, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for MacEwan’s Design Studies program. The two have previously worked together on Life on the Edge, a biology video game in partnership with Ross Shaw, which will launch this fall. Currently, they are teamed up with the City of Edmonton on a new project, Digital Experience Design in large Organizations and Digital Transformation, mapping the City’s digital ecosystem.
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    Research re(casted): S1E1 - A conversation with Dr. Cynthia Puddu and Cheyenne Greyeyes
    (2021-09) Ekelund, Brittany; Cave, Dylan; Puddu, Cynthia; Greyeyes, Cheyenne
    Today we discuss decolonizing transitions out of care, community-engaged scholarship, and we try to break down some complex concepts like settler colonialism and neoliberalism with Dr. Cynthia Puddu, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Health and Community Studies at MacEwan University. She is joined by Cheyenne Greyeyes, a student and research assistant at MacEwan, who is working alongside Cynthia on a research project, in partnership with Niginan Housing Ventures, documenting the urban Indigenous housing initiative and its approach to preventing houselessness in urban Indigenous youth. The Decolonizing Transitions from Care project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence program. The opinions and interpretations in this podcast are those of the researcher and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.