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Understanding the Freemasons: a qualitative analysis

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Freemasons, secret societies

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This paper quantitatively examines the Freemasons, an ancient group known for the secrecy surrounding the group. Through the use of interviews with a member of the Freemasons and a content analysis performed on a documentary regarding the conspiracies associated with the group this study attempts to determine what information is available to non-members about the group and how accurate that information is. The themes and patterns found in the interviews and the documentary were compared in order to determine the accuracy of the information available to non-members, on the assumption that the responses from the participant are truthful and can therefore be used as a guide to analyze the information presented in the documentary.

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Kennedy, Chelsea. 2015. Understanding the Freemasons: A Qualitative Analysis. MUSe, 2(1). Retrieved April 15, 2015 (



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