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    The Iranian movement, women, life, and freedom: a content analysis of reactions to the protests on Facebook
    (2023) Adnan, Sumblina
    This study looked at public reactions by analyzing comments posted to Facebook regarding the movement for freedom in Iran and the protests that erupted after the death of an Iranian woman. A content analysis of 60 comments revealed that between November 9 to November 16 of 2022, four prevalent themes emerged. These themes included: fear, women, support, and arguments. The most frequently mentioned theme was the arguments category, making up 30% of the sample. Supportive comments were 28%, while women made up 27%, and the fear category was 15% of the total sum of comments. The results showed overall support for the movement and women. At the same time, a level of concern was expressed, and users engaged in conversation and arguments to indicate their opinions.
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    Body image and social media sharing: a content analysis of public reactions to a body positive post on TikTok
    (2023) Strach, Shannan
    This study explored the public reactions of society to a post on TikTok created by Nessa May. In this video, Nessa May confidently shows her body, which does not fit the stereotypical beauty standards of society. She explains to viewers that it is okay not to fit beauty standards and to have a body type similar to her own. A content analysis of the 100 most recent comments reacting to Nessa May’s video identified five main themes including: love, thankfulness, emotions (happiness), beauty, and insecurities. The predominant theme seen was that of love towards Nessa May herself, as well as self-love and increased confidence in the commenters themselves (this made up 35% of all comments). Overall findings showed both support for the body-positive post, as well as an emphasis on the effect normative beauty standards have on women.
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    Perceptions of dairy farms on the environment: a content analysis of comments on TikTok
    (2023) Ostapovich, Sarah
    This study examined the public perceptions of dairy farms on the environment by viewing comments to a TikTok video, which presented a claim that the dairy industry has had a decrease in its environmental impact. A content analysis was conducted with initial and secondary evaluations, finding five broad categories, which included positive and negative perceptions of the dairy industry, as well as a further six themes, including informative, clarification, blaming humans, veganism, critical, and education. The most common theme was informative, encompassing 38% of the relevant comments. The findings indicated proficient use of scientific research, critical considerations of the video, and reflected the biases and influences found in social media and popular culture.
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    Covid-19 and its impact on hospitals: a content analysis of the effects on emergency department wait times due to Covid-19
    (2023) Dhunna, Riya
    This qualitative study explored the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Canadian hospitals and emergency department (ED) wait times. A purposive sampling procedure was used for this study to conduct a content analysis on a sample of 50 of the most recent and relevant comments that included reactions, personal experiences, and possible solutions towards ED wait times from a CBC News article. A coding procedure examined any frequent themes and subcategories in the comments. Results showed six consistently present categorical themes: Wait Times, Shortage of Workers, Underfunded Healthcare System, Unrelated Covid-19 Symptoms, Avoidance, and Solutions. Furthermore, additional subcategories were determined from the themes. This study analyzes the intense backlogs of surgical cases and waiting rooms, resulting in adverse patient outcomes. Additionally, this study explores the underfunded and understaffed healthcare system, the stresses healthcare workers face daily, and possible solutions to mend this broken healthcare system.
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    War trauma effects on civilians: a content analysis of reactions of civilians with PTSD on YouTube
    (2023) Ahmad, Qamar
    This qualitative study explored the effect of war trauma on Iraqi civilians by examining YouTube videos that contained interviews with civilians, doctors, and military personnel giving their reactions and experience with war trauma and PTSD. This study examined 12 videos of civilians in Iraq and refugee camps, psychiatrists, and veterans who served in the Iraq war, and it identified the following themes: killing or death of family members due to war violence, fear, PTSD, nightmares, and anger. This study identifies the emotional responses to war trauma, and it demonstrates that most civilians have also developed other mental disorders due to exposure to war and life-threatening conditions.