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Negative air ions and lucidity induction: additional data

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dreams, negative air ions, lucidity induction

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It has been reported that using a negative ion generator in ones bedrooms may be detrimental to falling asleep. The general influence of negative air ions on the brain may be a lower arousal threshold. Too much arousal keeps us awake; but by controlling the negative ion concentration individuals may find that they are able to sleep while retaining a tendency for heightened arousal in dreams. In this way negative ions may be conducive to lucidity. Adler reports that the frequent appearance of rain in his dreams in an ion­ized environment may also express this arousal effect. Sometimes this “rain” assumes bizarre forms: emeralds falling out of the sky, thousands of birds descending, but usually it is ordinary rain. Falling water and rainstorms are the natural source of negative air ions.

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Adler, T., Gackenbach, J.I., & LaBerge, S. (1983). Negative air ions and lucidity induction: additional data. Lucidity letter, 2(2), 53.



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