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Gamer links to dream bizarreness and lucidity: a failure to replicate

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video game play, bizarreness, lucid dreaming

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Two studies examined the relationship between measures of video game play, dream bizarreness and dream type, with a conceptual emphasis on dream lucidity. The varimax rotated factor analyses with some variables of each type replicated across studies, showing no association between gaming, dream bizarreness and dream lucidity. Of additional interest is that the oft claimed association between dream bizarreness with lucidity was also not supported with one analysis showing a negative association. This may call into question methods of lucid dream induction that recommend attention to oddities while awake as practice to notice oddities in dreams as a way to get lucid in sleep.

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Gackenbach, J., Kuruvilla, B., Ferguson, M., Mathewson, K., & Darlington, M. (2014). Gamer links to dream bizarreness and lucidity: A failure to replicate. International Journal Of Dream Research, 7(1), 67-71. doi:10.11588/ijodr.2014.1.9464


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