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Relational incompetence: the witnessing nurse

dc.contributor.authorMaykut, Colleen
dc.description.abstractThis book addresses selected violations of professional nursing conduct and practices that take place in shadows or on the margins of clinical practice--incidents that represent "dark" or "gray" areas of nursing. Chapters identify threats to patient and nurse well-being that are antithetical to nurses' principles; sensitize nurses and other stakeholders to gray and dark sides of nursing through case examples; and pose evidence-based solutions for eliminating, mitigating, and addressing examples representing the gray or dark side of nursing. The book encourages organizations to promote a culture of ethical responsibility for nursing practices
dc.identifier.citationMaykut, C. (2022). Relational incompetence: The witnessing nurse. In Z. R. Wolf and D. N. Bailey (Eds.), Breaching safe nursing practice: Case studies of failures, omissions, commissions, and crimes. MacFarland Publishing.
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dc.subjectgrey areas
dc.subjectdark side
dc.subjectprofessional conduct
dc.titleRelational incompetence: the witnessing nurseen
dc.typeBook Chapter