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An impact of images on anatomy scores in nursing students

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anatomy, postsecondary education, visualization

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Anatomy has been a foundational class in the curricula of medical and other health related disciplines. There are many tools for teaching anatomy which approach learning through both verbal and visual means including textbooks, online modeling and computer software, dissection of cadavers or other preserved specimens and anatomical models (Drake RL, 2014). Practical examinations in anatomy assess visual knowledge through slides, labeled tissues, and body images, but the impact of using images in written examinations is less understood. Research shows that visualization can increase confidence in learning and retention of long term knowledge (Bartholome and Bromme 2009) while potentially altering learner’s cognitive load, memory, and examination anxiety and stress (Mayer RE, 2005). Most of the studies on the effects of including images on anatomy examinations are focused in medical, pre-nursing, or pre-health science students but have not yet been assessed in nursing students.

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Presented April 2018 at the American Association of Anatomist (AAA) Annual Meeting held in San Diego, California, USA.

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