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Msit No'kmaq: an exploration of positionality and identity in Indigenous research

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identity, positionality, Indigenous research, relations, relational accountability

Abstract (summary)

In this paper I explore the Mi’kmaq words Mist No’kmaq, which can be translated as ‘all my relations’. Msit No'kmaq is not only at the center of who I am as a person, but also who I am becoming as a researcher. Reflecting on how to honor all my relations within research, has allowed me to explore my beliefs about research, thereby developing a clear understanding of the purpose and intentions of engaging in Indigenous research. Rather than seeing researchers as insiders or outsiders within the context of Indigenous communities, I argue that it is important to engage in reflexive processes that make visible a researcher’s positionality and who they are and are becoming.

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Hurley, E., & Jackson, M.K.(2020). Msit No'kmaq: An Exploration of Positionality and Identity in Indigenous Research. Witness: The Canadian Journal of Critical Nursing Discourse,2(1), 39-50.


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Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)