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War trauma effects on civilians: a content analysis of reactions of civilians with PTSD on YouTube

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war trauma, emotional responses, Iraq

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This qualitative study explored the effect of war trauma on Iraqi civilians by examining YouTube videos that contained interviews with civilians, doctors, and military personnel giving their reactions and experience with war trauma and PTSD. This study examined 12 videos of civilians in Iraq and refugee camps, psychiatrists, and veterans who served in the Iraq war, and it identified the following themes: killing or death of family members due to war violence, fear, PTSD, nightmares, and anger. This study identifies the emotional responses to war trauma, and it demonstrates that most civilians have also developed other mental disorders due to exposure to war and life-threatening conditions.

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Ahmad, Qamar. 2023. "War Trauma Effects on Civilians: A Content Analysis of Reactions of Civilians with PTSD on YouTube." Crossing Borders 5(1). doi: 10.31542/cb.v5i1.2525


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