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The impact of an online mindfulness-based practice program on the mental health of Brazilian nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic

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mental health, nursing, health professionals, mindfulness, COVID-19, stress, depression, anxiety

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This quantitative, before-after study was developed to evaluate the usefulness of an online mindfulness practices program to help nursing professionals deal with stress in the challenging context of the COVID-19 pandemic through the assessment of perceived stress, anxiety and depression, levels of mindfulness, and participants’ satisfaction with the program. Eligible participants were assessed at baseline to receive the online mindfulness training program for eight weeks and were appraised again at the end of the program. Standardized measures of perceived stress, depression, anxiety, and one-dimensional and multidimensional mindfulness were performed. Participant satisfaction was also studied. Adherence to treatment was 70.12%. The perceived stress, depression, and anxiety scores were significantly lower after the intervention. The mindfulness measure increased significantly, as well as the sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, study, and/or work. The participants showed high satisfaction with the program and would recommend it to other professionals. Our results indicate that mindfulness-based interventions represent an effective strategy for nurses in the face of the need for self-care with mental health and mechanisms that guarantee the sustainability of their capacities to continue exercising health care.

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Gherardi-Donato, E. C. da S., Díaz-Serrano, K. V., Barbosa, M. R., Fernandes, M. N. de F., Gonçalves-Ferri, W. A., Camargo Júnior, E. B., & Reisdorfer, E. (2023). The Impact of an Online Mindfulness-Based Practice Program on the Mental Health of Brazilian Nurses during the COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(4), 3666. MDPI AG.


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