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Factors associated with recent suicide attempts in clients presenting for addiction treatment

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gambling, suicide, mood disorder, substances, education

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Factors associated with recent suicide attempts were examined in clients who sought treatment at an addictions facility between 2001 and 2008. Clients who reported being hospitalized for attempting suicide in the past year (n = 76) were compared to all other clients (n = 5914) on demographic, mental health, substance use, and problem gambling variables. Compared to all other clients, clients who attempted suicide were significantly less educated, and more likely to have major depressive disorder, a bipolar disorder, ADHD, personality disorder, or a gambling problem. While mental health issues have long been linked with suicide, new research, such as the present study, continues to find associations between gambling and suicide. With the strong relationship between mood disorders and gambling, these findings support continued research into the possible connection between gambling and suicide.

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