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The influence of the Internet on hate crime and violent extremism

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hate crimes, violent extremism, Internet

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In the modern age of technology, it has never been easier to connect with people with similar interests. Everyone with an Internet connection is only a few clicks away from accessing a vast amount of information from around the world. While the Internet has been used in many beneficial ways, recently research has shown an increase in alt-right and extremist ideologies in popular online spaces such as Youtube. This phenomenon has been explored by the New York Times podcast “Rabbit Hole,” wherein they investigate growing extremist ideologies on Youtube and other social media websites to demonstrate the effects on individuals in the real-world. Using “Rabbit Hole” as inspiration, this mini-podcast will examine these online trends by exploring the limitations of Canadian legislation on hate crime and violent extremism in the online sphere, while using perspectives from individuals affected by online hate speech and hate groups to provide context to the issue. This presentation aims to show how the Internet may influence one’s understanding of hate crime and violent extremism.

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