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Campaigns and conflict on social media: a literature snapshot

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social media, protest, politics, elections, Facebook, Twitter

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This volume addresses whether social media use is more common among liberal or conservative citizens, candidates, and organizations; the level of negativity in social media discourse and the impact on attitudes; the existence of echo chambers of like-minded individuals and groups; the extent and nature of interactivity in social media; and whether social media will reinforce participation inequalities. In sum, the studies suggest that negativity and interactivity on social media are limited and mixed support for echo chambers. While social media mobilizes citizens, these citizens are those who already pre-disposed to engage in civic and political life.

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Boulianne, Shelley. 2016. “Campaigns and Conflict on Social Media: A Literature Snapshot.” Online Information Review 40(5): 566-579. doi:10.1108/OIR-03-2016-0086.


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