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Materialism: temporal balance, mindfulness and savoring

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deviation from balanced time perspective, temporal balance, savoring, mindfulness, materialism

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The current research investigated mindfulness, savoring and temporal balance and how they are related to temporal perspective (TP) in materialistic individuals in a sample of 404 University students. Recent research on materialism and TP has found that highly materialistic individuals are more likely to have a past-negative or present fatalistic perspective rather than a balanced temporal perspective which is considered the most adaptive. Given these findings, it was hypothesized that materialism is negatively related to mindfulness and savoring, which involve having a clear focus on the present moment. It was also hypothesized that materialism is positively associated with the unbalanced types of TP, the “reminiscer”, “futurist” and “time restrictive” and that materialism is associated with deviation from the balanced time perspective (DBTP). In addition, it was hypothesized that mindfulness and savoring mediate the relationship between DBTP and materialism. The results are consistent with these hypotheses as mindfulness was negatively related to materialism and savoring the moment was related to lower levels of materialism. Materialism was also associated with higher DBTP scores and the “reminiscer” and “futurist” unbalanced temporal styles. Mindfulness, savoring the moment and anticipation-savoring were found to be mediators in the DBTP and materialism relationship.

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Watson, D. C. (2019). Materialism: Temporal Balance, Mindfulness and Savoring, Personality and Individual Differences, 146, 93-98.


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