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Forensic community programs: recommendations for the management of NCRMD patients in the community

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mental disorders, forensic community programs, treatment and management recommendations, mental health issues

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Recent trends towards community support and rehabilitation for individuals found Not Criminally Responsible due to a Mental Disorder (NCRMD) has led to the development of forensic community programs (FCP). The authors of the present paper were contacted by professionals involved with an FCP established at a hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada. The professionals involved with this FCP were interested in improving the overall functioning (in terms of client management and treatment, and risk reduction) of the program. The current article will discuss the eight main considerations and recommendations that were provided by the authors after an extensive review of the literature as well as a consideration of the current structure of the Nova Scotia FCP. These recommendations are generalizable to most community treatment programs available for NCRMD individuals.

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Woodworth, M., Peace, K. A., O’Donnell, C., & Porter, S. (2004). Forensic community programs: Recommendations for the management of NCRMD patients in the community. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 3, 1-22. doi: 10.1300/J158v03n04_01


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