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Health and wellness

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nursing -- textbooks, nursing, Canada, health promotion, health determinants

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Concepts of health and what determines health have changed significantly since the 1970s. This conceptual change has major implications for Canadian nursing in the twenty-first century because how you as a nurse perceive health—and what determines it—influences the nature and scope of nursing practice. The importance of health to nursing is reflected in nursing models and frameworks, in which health is one of the “metaparadigm” concepts along with person, environment, nursing, and, more recently, social justice (see Chapter 4). In each framework, health concepts are congruent with the assumptions and focus of the model. Moreover, knowledge of health and health determinants is identified as an essential component of nursing education in Canada (Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing [CASN],2015).

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Eastlick Kushner, K. & Jackson, M.K. (2019). Health and wellness. In P.A. Potter, A.G. Griffin, J.C Ross-Kerr, M.J., Wood, B.J. Astle, & W. Duggleby (Eds.), Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6th Ed. Toronto, ON: Elsevier.



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