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The power of words paired with imagery

dc.contributor.advisorPacher, Constanza
dc.contributor.authorKraemer, Anna
dc.descriptionPresented in absentia on April 27, 2020 at "Student Research Day" at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. (Conference cancelled)
dc.description.abstractLeanne Betasamosake Simpson is an Indigenous writer, musician and academic. The books and papers she writes are like voices for the Indigenous community, and they want to be heard. These posters are a visual representation of those voices. The quote is taken from the novel, “I am powerful and beautiful and sacred” was chosen for this poster series because it is so powerful and meaningful. Out of context, this quote could mean so many different things. A forest background was chosen because it is like nature is speaking. The type for all three posters is blending in and interacting with their backgrounds, to communicate a calming emotion to the viewer. The quote “i’ll sing to you, until you sing back” was taken from the poem constellation. It was chosen because it is further communicating that the Indigenous community is not going to stop singing until we hear them. This was a really strong quote to choose to carry the theme of power and wanting to be heard. The image helps, reflects and connects to the name of the poem the quote was taken from. The final poster helps carry the tone of the posters, especially with the colour palette. The type is half behind the image, “hiding”, anticipating the rebellion. This effect is making it seem like the rebellion is waiting and biding her time. The image chosen to go with this powerful quote was a mountain. Mountains symbolize a higher perspective, power, constancy, eternity, firmness and stillness.
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dc.subjectposter design
dc.subjectThis accident of being lost
dc.subjectLeanne Betasamosake Simpson
dc.subjectMacEwan Book of the Year
dc.titleThe power of words paired with imageryen
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