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    Exploration of human anatomy and fashion in digital illustration
    (2023) Ly, Long; Visscher, Alma
    The goal of this project is to explore human anatomy and fashion through the medium of digital illustration. Because society moves at such a rapid pace, individuals are less likely to appreciate the people or the world around them. As a result, one's appearance becomes a vital determining factor in people's perception of each other. The purpose is to look at how fashion changes a person’s first impression based on their clothing styles. A person's appearance could feel different based on the ratio, colour combinations, and texture of their clothes regarding their body shape. The core learning of this project comes from the Advance Fundamental Class by TB Choi, a character concept artist, through the support of Student Undergraduate Research Funding. With the guided exercises about three-dimensional form and poses, clothes wrinkles, face and hair, the class heavily emphasizes the attention to line weight's expression. By describing the subject clearly through lines, it speeds up the coloring and rendering process by solving the form and space questions before tackling the hue, brightness, and saturation of the subject. The progress of this project is shown through the artist's class exercise while it also reflects through different projects that occur during the time, which included human anatomy speed sketches, Charles Bargue's sculpture drawing study, tote bag contribution, and storytelling through images.
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    Film-to-Book Design
    (2023) Cayanan, Barbie; Pacher, Constanza
    Dead Poets Society is a movie directed by Peter Weir, written by Tom Schulman and a novel adaptation by N.H Kleinbaum. DPS follows the lives of the students of Welton Academy, balancing stressful classes and extracurriculars for a successful future. The rare opportunity of discovering their passions and identities arrives; a new English teacher has been hired and changed their teenage lives forever. The book's cover is reminiscent of the poetry book (Five Centuries of Verse) that the students read in their DPS meetings, from the textured font, the golden wreath and the wear and tear that's complimented with references, quotes, key items and visuals on the inside. Each chapter's beginning, midway or end has important details, evidence of teenagers messing with the book or overall time wearing down the quality after every use. DPS was set in 1959, and the novel uses serif typefaces (Miller Text), type with texture (the title and typewriter notes) and handwritten poems, quotes and doodles to put the reader in the mindset of a teenager in an old boarding school. All dark academia elements, visuals of wear and tear on the cover and each page, handwritten details, limited colour scheme and textured type create a cohesive message that separates the novel from the film. The redesign proves the book did not lazily copy scene by scene and line by line. It provides a different experience and different perspective of the story.
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    Light photography concept for the album design of Pipe Dreams by Jim Walker and The MacEwan Generations Big Band
    (2023) Hussein, Daenya; Pacher, Constanza
    The album Pipe Dreams by Jim Walker and The MacEwan Generations Big Band captures the fluidity and essence of Jazz and Big Band in one record. We hear notes of South American, East Indian, and Celtic vibes to start the unique record off. The fusion of Jazz and Big Band in the album has a mix of energy, excitement, and spontaneity in Jazz but the controlled discipline of Big Band. The concept for the album's design was to capture the two sensations of sound and movement into one cohesive creation. Light photography was used to display the feeling of movement and energy captured from the album. As a soft reminder of the tones used in the first three tracks, the use of dominant flag colours of Brazil, India, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland are displayed in the light painting. To keep a consistent tone, the typeface Abril Fatface is used to echo the feel of Big Band and Century Gothic for the secondary header to keep the balance. As the light painting streaks across the cover, it guides the viewer to the back with the title tracks and the continuation of the light painting. As we open the album, we slide out the record and insert to see the consistent use of light painting at a macro scale. The use of complementary colours, orange and blue, as subtle reminders of the colours in the light painting from the album cover.
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    Horoscope wheel for the Book of the Year 2022/23 - Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen
    (2023) Hussein, Daenya; Pacher, Constanza
    The dark-humoured and satirical novel, Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen is a historical fiction story of a German widow Katharina Kepler who is accused of being a witch. As a result, Katharina is taken to trial for her accused wrongdoings, and she is soon helped by her Imperial Mathematician son, Johannes Kepler. The inspiration to create a horoscope wheel came from the character of Johannes Kepler, an actual individual from the 17th century who was an imperial mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, natural philosopher, and writer of music. The concept was that Johannes created this wheel with horoscopes that foretold his mother's future. The horoscopes go back to the story and borrow the good and bad events that happened to Katharina Kepler. The primary colour of purple was inspired by the original cover for the book Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch, with hints of gold as accent colours and white and light purple to stay on a similar colour palette. The typeface Menuetto, created by the German typesetter Dieter Steffmann in 1994, is a modern twist on the old Gothic German type used for the primary type of the horoscope wheel. The horoscopes may only match Katharina Kepler, but it’s a fun idea and design to acquire someone’s interest in reading the novel Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen.
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    Competition submission for the 'Pipe Dreams' album
    (2023) Onwudinjo, Jennifer; Pacher, Constanza
    Jazz is a genre that tends to pull its listener in. This is expressed by turning a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional experience. It visually draws the viewer into experiencing the album’s spirit and feeling. Creating this illusion of depth is done with the use of layers. Each layer represents a single note in music and when layered they make a beautiful composition.