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Iranian corporations and corporate social responsibility: an overview to adoption of CSR themes

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CSR themes, CSR issues, Iran, national context, societal issues

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Comparative studies have demonstrated that the themes for corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are different among nations and geographic regions based on their cultural, political, legal, social, and economic contexts. In this research, which was conducted on 56 corporations from IMI100 (100 Iranian companies with highest annual sales, ranked by Industrial Management Institute or IMI), CSR themes in priority have been identified. Data collected from a semistructured questionnaire and some complementary interviews were analyzed against the results of a reference study over 100 companies from developed countries. The resulted themes, some of which may have several subthemes, were developed in three economic, environmental, and social categories. Beside these qualitative findings, two indices are constructed for indicating the “importance” of and “contribution” to each theme. The results and discussions are supposed to help business leaders, international companies inside Iran, governmental authorities, and researchers to improve CSR discussions and practices in the country where CSR undergoes a less structured platform.

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Chapardar, H. and Khanlari, R. (2011). Iranian corporations and corporate social responsibility: An overview to adoption of CSR themes, SAGE Open, November. [online]. Available from: SAGE Journals Online. DOI: 10.1177/2158244011430988.


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