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Islamic law and Muslim same-sex unions

dc.contributor.authorJahangir, Junaid
dc.contributor.authorAbdullatif, Hussein
dc.description.abstractThis book is written with the objective of reasonably addressing the need of Muslim gays and lesbians for a life which involves intimacy, affection and companionship within the confines of a legal contract. Contemporary conservative Muslim leaders unreasonably promote false marriages with straight spouses, failing which they prescribe the “solution” of permanent celibacy as a “test.” This book delves into an extensive scholarship on the same sources that conservative Muslim leaders draw on—the Qur'an, Hadith and jurisprudence. It is argued that the primary sources of Muslim knowledge addressed sexual acts between the same gender in the context of inhospitality, exploitation, coercion and disease, but not true same-sex unions; past Muslim scholarship is silent on the issue of sexual orientation and Muslim same-sex unions. The arguments of contemporary conservative Muslim leaders are deconstructed and the case for Muslim same-sex unions is made based on jurisprudential principles and thorough arguments from within the Muslim tradition.
dc.identifier.citationJahangir, J. B., & Abdullatif, H. (2016). Islamic law and Muslim same-sex unions. Lexington Books.
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dc.subjectsame-sex unions
dc.titleIslamic law and Muslim same-sex unionsen