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Horoscope wheel for the Book of the Year 2022/23 - Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen

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MacEwan Book of the Year, Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch

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The dark-humoured and satirical novel, Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen is a historical fiction story of a German widow Katharina Kepler who is accused of being a witch. As a result, Katharina is taken to trial for her accused wrongdoings, and she is soon helped by her Imperial Mathematician son, Johannes Kepler. The inspiration to create a horoscope wheel came from the character of Johannes Kepler, an actual individual from the 17th century who was an imperial mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, natural philosopher, and writer of music. The concept was that Johannes created this wheel with horoscopes that foretold his mother's future. The horoscopes go back to the story and borrow the good and bad events that happened to Katharina Kepler. The primary colour of purple was inspired by the original cover for the book Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch, with hints of gold as accent colours and white and light purple to stay on a similar colour palette. The typeface Menuetto, created by the German typesetter Dieter Steffmann in 1994, is a modern twist on the old Gothic German type used for the primary type of the horoscope wheel. The horoscopes may only match Katharina Kepler, but it’s a fun idea and design to acquire someone’s interest in reading the novel Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen.

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Presented on April 20, 2023 at Student Research Day held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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