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Acadly: an online platform for engaged learning

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Acadly, educational technology, discussion threads, participation tracking, student engagement, automated attendance, learning management system, LMS

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Faculty and students alike can benefit from the use of educational technology yet keeping up with the latest developments can pose a challenge for busy faculty. This article reviews one tool that could be used to facilitate teaching and learning in face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses. Acadly is an online platform and mobile application providing capabilities such as automated attendance, in-page discussion threads, and participation tracking. Acadly functions similar to learning management systems yet differs in ways that some faculty and students may find appealing. The article discusses the strengths and limitations of the tool based on usage in five sections of an undergraduate organizational behavior course. Acadly appears to be useful in helping students organize their work, and in facilitating greater student engagement. A notable limitation is that it currently lacks advanced grading capabilities.

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Kriz, T. D. (2020). Acadly: An online platform for engaged learning. Management Teaching Review.


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