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Mathematic achievement of Canadian private school students

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academic achievement, private school students

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Very little Canadian research has examined the academic achievement of private school students. 2003 data from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) were used to examine the achievement of private school students, which is similar to a recent study examining Canadian public school children's academic achievement (Wei, Clifton, & Roberts, 2011). The current study found that private school students outperformed their public school peers. In addition, the students' morale, motivation, interest in mathematics, expected education, the effort invested in doing well on the PISA test, and socioeconomic status were significantly and positively related to their academic performance. Surprisingly, the cost of their tuition fees, reported hours spent on math homework, sense of belonging, and higher ratio of instructional time on mathematics were significantly, but negatively, related to the students' math performance.

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Cadigan, F. J., Wei, Y., & Clifton, R. A. (2014). Mathematic Achievement of Canadian Private School Students. Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 59(4), 662–673.


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