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Hope in motion

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hope, counseling, therapy, psychology, spirituality

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Hope has been described by many as a basic, fundamental, and essential part of life. This article introduces a new approach to incorporate hope with clients experiencing a range of difficulties in the general counseling setting. In this framework, three stages are proposed to enable clients to strengthen and solidify their hope. In the first stage, clinicians keep hope alive through not only basic counseling skills but also by explaining hope intentionally, identifying unique hopes, and recognizing limitations. The second stage facilitates the development of hope to find concrete and external sources of hope with the client through increasing control, setting goals, and fostering interpersonal relationships while reinforcing successes and maintaining positivity. The last stage involves internalization of unique hopes through spirituality and finding meaning in life. Interventions to promote the forward motion of hope are described.

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Kevin Yeasting & Sandy Jung (2010) Hope in Motion, Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 5:3, 305-319, DOI: 10.1080/15401383.2010.507724


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