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Using objects to represent artists in album cover design

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album cover design, package design

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The album cover takes place at a moment after a big gig for the Up and Over trio. It is a scene that shows an overhead shot of a table with three drinks and some clutter. The setting is warm and welcoming, just like the band’s music, due to the use of natural light, and the messy table with crumpled paper and tea stains. The inviting scenery indicates that the table is a safe space to unwind and be yourself. The three drinks organized in a triangle indicate the three members sitting together, enjoying each other’s company. The use of mix-matched cups shows the members’ unique musical style and how matching china/personalities is not a requirement for a great team. The three different drinks represent each member’s instruments. The coffee represents the drums because black coffee is a powerful drink that gives a strong boost of energy. Like a cup of coffee, the drum is a powerful instrument that requires and provides incredible energy for its player. Every beat of the drums is ear-piercing but rich, and it could be overwhelming for sensitive listeners at first. Like the drums, pure black coffee has a bitter and robust flavour that new caffeine drinkers need some time to adjust to enjoy it. The glass of cold whiskey represents the piano. The piano is a popular instrument played in 5-star restaurants, hotels, or any high-end setting where customers are served like royalty, making the piano a more sophisticated instrument than the other instruments played in the band. Whiskey is not like any other alcoholic drink at a bar, it has class like a piano. The last drink is a hot cup of tea that represents the bass; the cup of tea is a universal symbol for relaxation and it captures the bass’ calm energy due to the deep, low-pitched sound produced from every string. A cup of tea is perfect for recovering from a fast-paced and hectic day. The bass is made for musicians with slow and steady hands, so its music has a similar effect to a cup of tea, slowing down a stressful day.

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Presented on April 21, 2022 at Student Research Day at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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