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My (racism) apology: a case study of YouTubers’ apology videos for racist acts

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YouTubers, apology videos, racism

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YouTube’s popular content creators, known as YouTubers, use their platform as a vital communication and crisis management tool. When YouTubers need to manage their public image, they frequently use their platform to post public apologies in the form of what is colloquially known as an ”apology video.” Frequently, these apologies are for racially-based offences, such as racial slurs, race-based jokes, racist actions towards others, or blackface. This case study analyzes the language used by six YouTubers in eight apology videos for racist transgressions. It uses textual and rhetorical analysis to compare and contrast the structure and themes of these apology videos, analyzing the apology strategies used, and critical discourse analysis to place the initial racist actions and subsequent apologies in a wider social and racial context. Research paper submitted to BCSC 203: Introduction to Research Methods.

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