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Video game play and lucid dreams: implications for the development of consciousness

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dreams, video games, consciousness, lucid dreams, mystical

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The improvement of various cognitive skills associated with video game play has been well documented however the development of consciousness implications have not been considered. In the present study several potential indicators of consciousness development,including and especially lucid dreaming frequency, were examined as a function of video game play. In the first study high video game players were more likely to report lucid dreams, observer dreams, and dream control when dream recall frequency and motion disorientation during play were controlled. There were no similar differences in other consciousness development indices. In the second study, a slightly different pattern of results occurred due respondents all being frequent players.

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Gackenbach, J. (2006). Video game play and lucid dreams: Implications for the development of consciousness. Dreaming, 16(2), 96-110. doi:10.1037/1053-0797.16.2.96


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