Reality: waking, sleeping and virtual

dc.contributor.authorGackenbach, Jayne
dc.contributor.authorStark, Hannah
dc.contributor.authorBoyes, Arielle
dc.contributor.authorFlockhart, Carson
dc.description.abstractThis edited volume shows the relationship between dream research and its usefulness in treating patients. Milton Kramer and Myron Glucksman show that there is support for searching for the meaning of dream as experiences extended in time. Dreaming reflects psychological changes and is actually an orderly process, not a random experience. Several chapters in this book explore interviewing methodologies that will help clients reduce the frequency of their nightmares and thus contribute to successful therapy.
dc.identifier.citationGackenbach, J.I., Stark, H., Boyes, A., & Flockhart, C. (2015). Reality: waking, sleeping and virtual. In M. Kramer (Ed.), Dream research: contributions to clinical practice (pp. 215-224). UK: Routledge.
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dc.subjectSleep -- Research
dc.subjectSleep disorders
dc.subjectDreams -- Psychological aspects
dc.subjectClinical medicine
dc.titleReality: waking, sleeping and virtual
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