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Enhancing multi-method research methodologies for more informed decision-making

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case study approach, multiple case study, reliability, validity

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In today’s dynamic and global environment it is essential that decision-makers have valid and reliable information to base decisions upon. It is the duty of researchers to provide that information. In this paper we advocate for one method that researchers can use – a multiple-case study approach. The emphasis is on providing the research progression, as well as on procedures necessary for desirable reliability and validity properties. To obtain more robust measures and research findings, a multi-method approach uses in-depths interviews and a quantitative survey in a longitudinal collective research design. As outline when robust procedures are followed in a multiple case study research design they produce a more detailed picture of the issue under investigation than other methods do. Thus providing decision-makers, especially in the public sphere of administration and governance, a pathway for informed decision-making.

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Anisimova, Tatiana, and S. Bruce Thomson. "Enhancing Multi-Method Research Methodologies for More Informed Decision-Making." Journal of Administration and Governance, 7, no. 1, (2012): 96-104.



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