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Los sistemas de almacenamiento Inka de Tinyaq, Ayacucho, Peru

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central Andes, Ayacucho Valley, Inka, storage rooms

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The Inka occupation of the Ayacucho Valley is a subject that has received little attention by archaeologists. Although it is evident that this valley was incorporated by the Inka, little is known regarding the role of the valley within the empire. Various studies carried out in the valley have resulted only in the location of very few Inka settlements. This information has been used by some to argue that the Ayacucho Valley played no role in the political scheme of the empire. The recent location of the Inka storehouses at Tinyaq, however, suggests that this valley was not abandoned as many have claimed. In this essay, it is our aim to evaluate the significance of the Inka structures of Tinyaq. On the basis of this data, we argue that this valley was part of the productive system of Tawantinsuyo.

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Valdez, Lidio, and J. Ernesto Valdez. "Los Sistemas de Almacenamiento Inka de Tinyaq, Ayacucho, Perú." Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Etudes Andines 29, no 1(2000): 13-27.



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