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Fundamentals of organisational culture change: who and what really matters in a Nigerian organisational context

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organizational change, organizational behavior, Nigeria

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In light of the documented influence of culture on organisational performance (Kotter and Heskett, 1992; Denison and Mishra, 1995), several organisations have embarked on organisational culture change initiatives (see Krisher, 2012; Simons, 2012; Wankhade and Brinkman, 2014). Consequently, a steady stream of research has focused on the implications, feasibility and complexity of attempts to change culture in organisations (Ogbonna, 1993; Grugulis and Wilkinson, 2002; Harris, 2002; Smith, 2003) in order to produce actionable knowledge that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of organisational culture change efforts. Most of these studies, however, have concentrated on analysing Western organisational contexts. This chapter, therefore, attempts to provide an understanding of culture change and factors that influence change efforts in an African organisational context. Drawing on Ogbonna and Harris's (2002) finding that like societal culture, organisational culture can and does change, and such change process is largely influenced by several factors, this chapter aims to uncover factors that influence culture change efforts within an African organisation. The chapter starts with a brief overview of the varied conceptualisations of organisational culture and organisational culture change. It then outlines the different frameworks of organisational culture change and presents the intricacies involved in the process based on extant research. Building on the preceding conceptual discussion, the chapter presents an analysis of culture change in an African organisational context using a Nigerian oil and gas company as a case study. The penultimate section provides an extended discussion of the findings, and the final section concludes with implications for change management in an African organisational context.

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Chika-James, T. A. (2019). Fundamentals of organisational culture change: Who and what really matters in a Nigerian organisational context. In F. Ovadje & S. Aryee (Eds), Routledge handbook of organizational change in Africa (pp. 185-209). Oxon: Routledge.



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