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Measuring the efficiency of digital advertising

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advertising campaigns, digital advertising

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...this chapter's objective is to synthesize the digital advertising effectiveness/ efficiency literature, propose a model that incorporates a broader set of metrics, including consumer empowerment, and outline a methodological measurement approach that can capture the diversity of inputs and outputs (both consumer and advertiser-controlled) generated as a result of digital advertising campaigns. Current Ways to Measure Digital Advertising Effects In this section, we provide a review of the digital advertising effectiveness literature, organizing it around two themes: advertiser-controlled inputs into the ad campaign and consumer-controlled inputs (Rodgers &Thorson, 2000), with the caveat that the distinction is fluid because of the consumer-advertiser interaction and interdependence in the process (Stewart & Pavlou, 2002). The review is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather is to illustrate the types of inputs into and outcomes from digital advertising campaigns.

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Pergelova, A., & Angulo-Ruiz , F. (2017) Measuring the efficiency of digital advertising. In S. Rodgers, & E. Thorson (Eds.) Digital advertising, 3rd Edition, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.



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