Women who feed the world

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women, agriculture, farming, gender roles
Abstract (summary)
The Women Who Feed the World doll collection was inspired by Trina Moyles’ Women Who Dig: Farming, Feminism, and the Fight to Feed the World. Each doll and their respective box is an embodiment of the hardships, oppression, and injustices that women working in agriculture face around the world. This project was designed to demonstrate how racial hierarchies within social research can be diminished through the power of a simple story. Each doll is dressed in traditional clothing and accompanied by a staple crop produced by their country. The quotes and pictures covering the boxes aim to humanize the women whose stories are being told. This collection, at the very least, has the ability to spark the conversation about globalization and its harmful effects on the food industry.
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Presented on April 23, 2019 at Student Research Day held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.
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Student Creative Work
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