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Transpersonal psychology research review: researching religious and spiritual problems on the internet

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One of the objectives of this Research Review series is to foster the development of a network of transpersonal psychology researchers. Previous reviews have discussed methodological issues and presented abstracts of both quantitative and qualitative, traditional and innovative studies of specific topics central to our field. Beginning with mystical experiences (Lukoff & Lu, 1988), the reviews have covered psychoactive substances and transpersonal states (Lukoff Zanger & Lu, 1990), psychoreligious (Lukoff, Turner & Lu, 1992) and psychospiritual (Lukoff, Turner & Lu, 1993) dimensions of healing. Our original plan was to focus this Research Review article on anomalous experiences and healing. But the explosion of resources available on the Internet as well as interest in the Internet among researchers led us to switch topics. One previous Research Review also covered databases and archives in transpersonal psychology (Lukoff & Lu, 1989), but at that time, just six years ago, none of them were online.

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Lukoff, D, Francis, Lu, Turner, R. & Gackenbach, J. (1996). Transpersonal psychology research review: Researching religious and spiritual problems on the internet. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 27(2), 153-170.



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