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Heutagogy: a pedagogical framework for cultivating critical consciousness in nursing students

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nursing education, clinical consciousness, heutagogy, addictions

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Background: Nursing education has traditionally utilized andragogical principles with the recent adoption of universal design learning to inform curricular decisions. What is missing is cultural safety and humility to ensure a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) perspective. Cultivating critical consciousness in nursing education involves restructuring curricula and faculty development. Heutagogy, a unique learning approach, promotes mutual learning through critical self-reflection, self-directed goals, and ongoing professional and societal transformation. Objective: This study described a nursing course that incorporated a critical consciousness theoretical approach and heutagogy as a pedagogical framework to delve into the real-life experiences of individuals living with addiction. Results: Learners viewed themselves as continuously evolving through their learning journey. This perspective aligns with heutagogy, where individuals embrace lifelong learning consciousness and personal responsibility. At this stage, they became self-directed learners, in an innate and internal process of critical [missing text]. Conclusions: Seamlessly blending heutagogy and c critical consciousness offered a comprehensive framework for disseminating not only the requisite skills and knowledge but offering a profound understanding of their role in championing the social and ethical dimensions of health care. These meaningful learning experiences empowered learners to emerge as catalysts for change, diligently and ethical working towards equitable and just healthcare systems.

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Reisdorfer, E., Maykut, C., Kempfer, S.S., & Rodrigues M. (2024). Heutagogy: A pedagogical framework for cultivating critical consciousness in nursing students. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 17(1): 593-602.



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