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Contextualizing technology adoption and self-expression for technology entrepreneurial innovation

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self expression, technology adoption, technology entrepreneurial innovation

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This article highlights the role of societal-level self-expression values and national-level extent of technology adoption for individual-level likelihood of engaging in technology entrepreneurial innovation. We posit that the effect of self-expression on entrepreneurial innovation is indirect – mediated positively by national-level extent of technology adoption, thereby rendering modes and mechanisms of technology adoption in a country as a more proximal whereas values as a more distal antecedent of technology entrepreneurial innovation. We infer that the benefits and effectiveness of government efforts geared towards improving formal institutional structures that assist technology entrepreneurial innovation would however only be felt if those that adopt newer technologies are self-expressive in the first place. Implications for theory, policy, and future empirical research are also discussed.

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Muralidharan, E., & Pathak, S. (2020). Contextualizing Technology Adoption and Self-Expression for Technology Entrepreneurial Innovation. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (WOS), 17(4).


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