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Experimental type - The city by Ray Bradbury part I

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typography, short stories

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The City by Ray Bradbury is about an unpopulated planet far from the Earth. The city waited twenty thousand years for the men to arrive and designed to kill them to seek revenge because they were the enemies who abolished Taollans twenty thousand years ago. The first part mainly describes what the city looks like and how the men arrive. It started from a peaceful arrival that made the men keep going to see what was in the city. The city’s senses speak to each other, as the Ears and the Nose take in information about the visitors and ask the Eyes to watch them as they explore. One of the men senses something familiar about the place. The men begin to panic as the city fully awakens. The layout’s design pulls inspiration from the flow of the story. The first page reflects how the arrival of men is peaceful. The text is also left-justified to portray how everything is going evenly. It is where the city is trying to gain the men’s trust to stay longer. However, the second page talks about how the city lures the men and traps them. Some men have mixed feelings about the city, and the city’s senses are starting to wake up. The idea behind the bad rags and different placement of texts is to show the chaos happening to the story. The city’s dialogue is calmer, depicting its actions. It’s in a serif typeface to show that the city is old, and the men’s dialogue is more disorganized as they start to question and get a discernment that something is wrong with the city. It is in sans-serif to portray a modern feel. The city’s senses are in sans-serif and bold to highlight the city’s covert actions. Additionally, it has glitching background elements, mainly on the second page, describing the chaos and violence as the city traps and tries to wipe the men out.

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Presented on April 21, 2022 at Student Research Day at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

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