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At home research project: lucid dreaming exercises and questionnaire

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lucid dreams, dreaming, lucid dream experience, exercises, questionnaire, dream flying, dream spinning, dream profile, waking habits, healing

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A number of techniques facilitate lucid dreams. One of the simplest is asking yourself many times during the day whether or not you are dreaming. Each time you ask the question, you should look for evidence proving you are not dreaming. The most reliable test is reading: read something, look away for a moment, and then read it again. If it reads the same twice, it is very unlikely that you are dreaming. After you have proven to yourself that you are not presently dreaming, visualize yourself in a lucid dream doing whatever it is you'd like. Also tell yourself that you want to recognize a real dream the next time it occurs. The way people usually recognize a dream is through unusual or bizarre occurrences. For instance, if you find yourself flying without visible means of support, you should realize that this only happens in dreams, and that therefore, you must now be dreaming.

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LaBerge, S. & Gackenbach, J.I. (1987). At home research project: Lucid dreaming exercises and questionnaire. Lucidity Letter, 6(1), 39-50.



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