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An association analysis of breast cancer with carotenoids

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association analysis, biomarkers, cancer, human exposome

Abstract (summary)

The environment and the exposure individuals carry throughout their lifetime can gar- ner diverse effects on their health. This paper discusses the application of association analysis, to determine relationships between carcinogenesis and the human exposome. Human exposome data from the World Health Organization was analyzed to determine associations between human exposure and breast cancer. The discovered associations outline specific factors that may be associated with the prevention or causation of breast cancer. We discovered an association between biomarkers in specific biospecimens and breast cancer. Xanthophylls, measured in two different biospecimens, were determined to be associated with American breast cancer patients. The associations discovered may be of use in future cancer studies. This research is particularly interesting because of xanthophylls’ relationship to retinol, inhibiting oncogenesis. Providing support and data for such associations will encourage more research on the exposome’s effect on breast cancer and other conditions.

Publication Information

Neumann, S. & El-Hajj, M. (2023). An association analysis of breast cancer with carotenoids. In Hisham Al-Mubaid, Tamer Aldwairi and Oliver Eulenstein (editors). Proceedings of International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICOB-2023), vol 92, pages 102—111.


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