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Weaving heritage: the baskets of Iringa, Tanzania

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basket weaving, Iringa, Tanzania

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This exhibition displays the technology of Iringa basket making through various media (i.e. raw materials, individual basket segments) and a variety of finished baskets. These are presented in order to display variation in both weave design and vessel function, while also giving viewers a better understanding of both the craft and ability of Iringa basket weavers. Photographs are used to present the tradition and cultural heritage value of Iringa baskets through the makers actions and abilities. The current poster was shown in combination with spoken word, various photographs capturing basket weaving technology and weaver abilities, and both physical basket components and finished baskets.

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Presented in absentia on April 27, 2020 at "Student Research Day" at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. (Conference cancelled.) Exhibition held in the Gray Gallery at MacEwan University.

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