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Prevalence and predictors of disability management programs

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disability management, return to work, business strategy

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Disability management programs are shown to speed the rate of employee returns to work, decrease recidivism, reduce the administrative costs of employee absences, and increase compliance with legislative requirements. However, formal programs are not universal - they are present in a minority of organizations. This article examines the relationship between a formal diversity management program and both organizational characteristics, and business conditions, to explain the operating contexts in which diversity management programs emerge. To answer the research questions, data from Statistica Canada's Workplace Employee Survey was analyzed. Findings include evidence of positive relationships for union density, operating excellence business strategy, and high involvement work practices. Negative relationships were identified for manufacturing firms, and external growth business strategy. This study provides grounding for further research on several topics, including Union-Management Collaboration, Industry Interconnectedness, and Legislation and Public Policy.

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Annett, M. (2023). Prevalence and Predictors of Disability Management Programs. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 24(1).


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