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Multifractality nature of microtubule dynamic instability process

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microtubule, polymerization, dynamic instability, fractal, multifractal

Abstract (summary)

The irregularity of growing and shortening patterns observed experimentally in microtubules and their ensembles reflects a dynamical system that fluctuates stochastically between assembly and disassembly phases. The observed time series of microtubule lengths have been extensively analyzed to shed light on structural and dynamical properties of microtubules. Here, for the first time, Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation analysis (MFDFA) has been employed to investigate the multifractal and topological properties of both experimental and simulated microtubule time series. We find that the time dependence of microtubule length possesses true multifractal characteristics and cannot be described by mono-fractal distributions. Based on the multifractal spectrum profile, a set of multifractal indices have been calculated that can be related to the level of dynamical processes in microtubules. We also show that the resulting multifractal spectra for the simulated data might not be comparable with experimental data.

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Vahid Rezania, Ferry C Sudirga, Jack A Tuszynski, Multifractality nature of microtubule dynamic instability process, Physica A:, Vol. 573, 125929 (2021)


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