Community health nursing practice

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nursing -- textbooks, nursing, Canada, community health nursing, health promotion, palliative care, rehabilitation
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Today's health care climate is rapidly changing in response to economic pressures, technological and medical advances, and client participation in health care. As a result, many clients are receiving care in the community rather than in a hospital. There is a growing need to deliver health care where people live, work, and learn (Community Health Nurses of Canada [CHNC],2011). Community health nursing care focuses on health promotion and protection, disease and injury prevention, and restorative and palliative care. The goals of community health nursing are to keep individuals healthy, encourage client participation and choice in care, promote health-enhancing social and physical environments, and provide in-home care for ill or disabled clients.
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Eastlick Kushner, K. & Jackson, M.K. (2019). Community health nursing practice. In P.A. Potter, A.G. Griffin, J.C Ross-Kerr, M.J., Wood, B.J. Astle, & W. Duggleby (Eds.), Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 6th Ed. Toronto, ON: Elsevier.
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