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Boundaries of self and reality online : implications of digitally constructed realities

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internet-social aspects, virtual reality-social aspects, self-social aspects, identity

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As technology continues to rapidly advance, individuals and society are profoundly changed. So too are the tools used to measure this universe and, therefore, our understanding of reality improves. Boundaries of Self and Reality Online examines the idea that technological advances associated with the Internet are moving us in multiple domains toward various "edges." These edges range from self, to society, to relationships, and even to the very nature of reality. Boundaries are dissolving and we are redefining the elements of identity. The book begins with explorations of the digitally constructed self and the relationship between the individual and technological reality. Then, the focus shifts to society at large and includes a contribution from Chinese researchers about the isolated Chinese Internet. The later chapters of the book explore digital reality at large, including discussions on virtual reality, Web consciousness, and digital physics.

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Gackenbach, J., & Bown, J. (2017). Boundaries of self and reality online : implications of digitally constructed realities. Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier.



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