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Tierra prometida – Spain as Jewish past and future

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Spanish Jews, cosmopolitanism

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“[H]e told me,” writes Benito Pérez Galdós, “that the Jews either had no country or had two, their current home or their traditional one, Spain”1 (224). [Vocal rendition of “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem / La paz esté con vosotros” in Hebrew and Spanish.] “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem,” a melody I recall from as long as I have memories. “Hevenu shalom Aleichem. Hevenu shalom Aleichem. Hevenu shalom Aleichem. Hevenu shalom, shalom, shalom Aleichem.” I also remember it this way: “La paz esté con vosotros. La paz esté con vosotros. La paz esté con vosotros y con vosotros siempre, siempre esté en paz.” A cosmopolitan song for wandering people. The apogee of this cosmopolitan took place under Islamic rule of a Peninsula that created the conditions for what we now call modern Jewish culture. Today, I consider how cosmopolitanism led Jews to become Spanish, then survive and sometimes flourish as Spaniards in America, and finally infect Spanish Americans with cosmopolitanism.

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Presented on March 18, 2016 at the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting held at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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