Women in an ancient Greek history course: from cameo to part of the whole

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Women in antiquity, pedagogy, C.T. Mohanty, Tourist model
Abstract (summary)
Current pedagogical models for ancient history/civilization courses treat women as a "tourist topic" (Mohanty 2003) as they are slotted into the course with little to no connection to the course of Greek/Roman history. Despite any intentions to diversify survey courses, tourist topics reinforce unquestioned binaries of power whereby (citizen) men act in ancient history while women (and others) are objects acted upon. This paper reviews current pedagogical models for ancient survey courses alongside C. T. Mohanty's Tourist model of teaching before turning to strategies for integrating non-hegemonic groups into survey courses in a consistent fashion.
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Romney, Jessica M. 2021. “Women in an Ancient Greek History Course: from cameo to part of the whole” Classical World 114: 227-248. doi: 10.1353/clw.2021.0004
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Article Post-Print
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