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The subsistence practices and food insecurity in the Arctic Circle - a focus on the Inuit and Sámi communities

dc.contributor.advisorFerguson, Jenanne
dc.contributor.authorSheikh, Marium
dc.descriptionPresented on April 20, 2023 at Student Research Day held at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta.
dc.description.abstractOver this semester, I was deeply touched by how food was so spiritual for arctic communities and how their lives were shaped around their subsistence practices. I often found myself comparing my lifestyle to the one Sami and Inuit. I noticed a vast differences in our lifestyles. I quickly realized that their conditions meant they needed to follow their ancestors’ way of life and not get affected by globalization or modernization. However, things have changed over the years, and arctic communities are slowly losing their cultural roots due to socio-political intervention. Hence, the topic of subsistence in the arctic circle began to pique my interest. Moreover, Inuits and Sami have a few similar experiences and lifestyles, so it was interesting to compare both communities and discuss their struggles. I am passionate about discussing the issue of food security in the Inuit community because it must be highlighted, and more solutions must be discussed to help tackle food insecurity in the Arctic Circle. Moreover, Sami and Inuit are communities that find themselves dispersed in different areas of the land, yet they have been practicing the same way for centuries. Canada and Scandinavia both have been actively involved in trying to reverse the effects of colonization and help establish a better support system for indigenous communities. Both communities have the capacity to be self-sufficiently if there was no socio-political interference caused by colonization which has altered the structure of various practices that are critical to the stability and survival of their community.
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dc.subjectfood insecurity
dc.subjectArctic region
dc.titleThe subsistence practices and food insecurity in the Arctic Circle - a focus on the Inuit and Sámi communitiesen
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