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2016 census of Canadian academic librarians user guide and results summary

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The goal of the census is to build a comprehensive demographic picture of the profession of academic librarianship in Canada by collecting data about librarians working in college and university libraries in Canada. It is the intention of CAPAL to share that data for research, policy development, advocacy, and education purposes. In fall of 2015 a census project team was created to design, test and conduct the census survey. The team would like to thank CAUT Research Analyst John Hollingsworth, members of the CAPAL Advocacy Committee, and the CAPAL Board of Directors for their feedback and counsel. The survey instrument was purposefully called a census. It is an enumeration of a target population and questions typically include socio-demographic information: e.g. occupation type, education level, marital status, and so on. What follows is a descriptive summary of the data. Explanatory or contextual notes are added where deemed relevant; however, no attempts are made to analyze the data.

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Revitt, E., Schrader, A., & Kaufman, A. (2016). 2016 census of Canadian academic librarians cross tables. Retrieved from



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