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The book of sand: mockup

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book design, typography, layout

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The bird’s-eye-view of the experimental spread replicates the Bible - focusing on two-column structures, with a chapter and paragraphs of verses. The Bible consists of four main genres - law, history, prophets, and poetry. The dialogues have been indented to resemble the poetry structure located in Psalms & Proverbs of the Bible; the justified text structure resembles the remaining genres of the Bible, with one indent at the beginning of the paragraphs. The typeface chosen for the spread is a serif font - Minion Pro; the Bible typically uses serif typefaces. There is gradual progress in the annotations. The different annotations (pen, highlighter, and pencil) reflect the character’s days of studying the mysterious book. The final column in the spread gets filled with many annotation marks to show the main characters’ obsession with the book.

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