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Contemplating place in nursing: ontological understandings

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place, ontology, Indigenous, reflection, autobiographical, two-spirit, healing, nursing

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How nurses understand and integrate their understanding of place is important to nursing practice. In this paper, we explore the concept of place in relation to our varied backgrounds, with the understanding that this concept differs from one person to another depending on their experiences. By coming together to talk about place, and the intersections between our common circumstances, interests, and beliefs, we share and discuss the realm of place as home, as relationship(s), as memory. Each of our unique and distinct identities–Mi’kmaw, M´etis, Jewish, and newcomer to Canada–brought varied perspectives on how place is integrated into our lives and our work as nurses. When we pay close attention, we can begin to understand that nursing research, practice, and education are intertwined with place. Along with spirit and healing, these factors have implications in our health and wellbeing.

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Hurley, E. S., King, K., Jackson, M., & Caine, V. (2023). Contemplating place in nursing: Ontological understandings. International Journal of Indigenous Health, 18(1).


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